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Everything you wanted to ask about the Open PM² Methodology

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Global Business Management Consultants – Discussion about the Project Management Methodology “Helping organisations do better project management” Discussion about the PM² Methodology with the Author of PM² and President of the PM² Alliance. What is PM²? What was the need? What problem did is solver? What is the story and journey of PM²? Where is […]

PM² Alliance – Train the Trainer & Certification Programme

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Join the next TtT Seminar to become a certified PM² Instructor. The PM² Alliance’s Train the Trainer (TtT) Programme is addressed to professional educators and is a prerequisite for anyone wishing to obtain the PM² Trainer Certification. The four-day training covers various topics, ranging from the methodology’s tools and artefacts to adult learning theory and instructional design methodology.

The PgM² Programme Management Mindsets

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Each of the four pillars of the PgM² Methodology encapsulates a set of best practices which help programme teams manage the tangible dimensions of programmes better. On the other hand, as the fifth element of the methodology the PgM² Mindsets become the glue that holds the PgM² pillars together. They provide a common set of beliefs and values for all PgM² practitioners.

Programme Orientation

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Programme Orientation is the degree to which an organisation is oriented towards effectively harnessing the value of Programme Management for the implementation of its strategic objectives. It reflects the organisation’s commitment to attending to the Critical Success Factors (CSFs) of programme management, as well as to developing the Programme Managers’ competence in the domain.

ESCO considers PM² as Essential Knowledge for Project Managers & Project Support Officers

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ESCO (European Skills, Competences, Qualifications and Occupations) classifies PM² as Essential Project Management Knowledge. ESCO (European Skills, Competences, Qualifications and Occupations) has recently classified PM²  as Essential Project Management Knowledge. ESCO is the European multilingual classification of Skills, Competences and Occupations. ESCO works as a dictionary, describing, identifying, and classifying professional occupations and skills relevant for […]

Collaboration between the PM² Alliance and APOGEP (IPMA Portugal)

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PM² Alliance and APOGEP spread the benefits of the PM² methodology in Portugal and Portuguese Speaking Countries. PM² Alliance and APOGEP (IPMA-Portugal) have agreed to engage in institutional cooperation on matters of mutual interest and concern, specifically focusing on cooperation in the field of Professional Project Management. The two organizations have signed an agreement with […]

Interview of Elias Michelioudakis on the Open PM² Methodology

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Discussion about the OpenPM² Project Management Methodology “A lean and effective Project Management Methodology” Watch a video interview of Mr. Michelioudakis, member of the CoEPM² of the European Commission about the PM² Methodology. Elias Michelioudakis, Senior Consultant at the CoEPM².  See also: APGP Interview: Elias Michelioudakis Member of the Center of Excellence of Open Project […]

PM² Alliance joins the European Doctoral School on the CSDP

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The PM² Alliance promotes the CSDP Doctoral Programme and offers PM² and Project Management Experts & Mentors. Moving forward The College’s Steering Committee comprised of EU Member State representatives of the European Security and Defence College (ESDC) has accept the PM2 Alliance to join the EAB configuration of the European Security and Defence College (ESDC).  The […]

Jean Monnet Chair (Erasmus+) for Open PM² Methodology

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The PM² Alliance to contribute through its extended network with training, research, and dissemination activities. The European Commission has awarded the Jean Monnet Chair of “The PM² Methodology – Europe’s open, free and common Project Management Methodology” to Germán Martínez Montes. Dr. Germán Martínez Montes is a Professor of Engineering Projects at the University of Granada in Spain, a […]

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