Corporate PM² Alignment

More and more organisations from Europe and beyond are improving their project management efficiency by becoming PM² enabled.

Implementing PM² in corporate level has a series of advantages for the both the organisation and the individual employees. 

The simplicity of the methodology, along with the vast pool of artefacts and tools makes the PM² easily and quickly applicable in organisational level.

Get your organisation PM² enabled through 3 simple steps:

Contact us if you want to know more about how to PM² enable your organisation.

PM² Alliance provides multiple free resources. You can download for free the Methodology’s Guide along with a wealth of tools and artefacts.

You can also participate for free in our open Webinars. You can also purchase group vouchers towards the PM² Essentials and the PM² Advanced Certification.

PM² Alliance’s advanced certifications demonstrate a sufficient understanding of how to apply and tailor the methodology in a range of different scenarios and environments.

Get your people prepared for advanced certifications based on their roles and functions.

View here all available certifications on the PM² Methodology.

Implement the PM² methodology in your organisation and across all your projects and activities.

Get your people certified and depending on your organisation’s size prepare key people for the PM² Trainer Certification.

Get a corporate membership and share the benefits with people in your organisation.

PM² Enabled Organisations

PM² Aligned / PM² Trained / PM² Certified