Certification Process

Take the exam online & any time

PM² Center’s live online proctored exams platform allow applicants to undertake the exams from the comfort of their office or home.

Applicants may take their certification exam after they have received their exam credentials either by registering online, or by using a prepaid voucher code. Once logged-in, candidates are required to establish their identity following the procedures outlined in the registration section to obtain access to the  link, dates, and times of the exam. All exams are proctored live and videos of the exams are recorded and can be reviewed. In the case where a suspected violation occurs, appropriate procedures are triggered to protect the integrity of the examination process.

System requirements:

Please note that for this type of online proctored examinations, applicants are required to have a webcam on in order to be able to take the exam. The webcam remains in use for the whole duration of the examination, and the video of the exam is reviewed before any certification is issued. PM² Center’s platform works with latest versions of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and other popular browsers.

Test Environment Requirements:

The online examination environment must conform to the following:

  • A quiet, non-public, fully lighted room
  • No other people in the room
  • Not talking out loud or communicating with others by any means
  • No leaving the room
  • Nothing except computer and external cameras on the desktop or table top -removal of all books, papers, notebooks, or other materials, unless specifically permitted in written guidelines particular examination
  • Students are not allowed to leave or minimise the exam page
  • No music is allowed to be played on computer or any other system in the room
  • No other computers running in the exam room
  • No headphones or ear buds allowed
  • Nothing should be covering the lens of the camera at any time during the exam
  • Lighting must be "daylight" quality - overhead lighting is preferred
  • If overhead lighting is not possible, the lighting source should not be behind the student
  • Any violation of the instructions given for taking online proctored exam will result in the dismissal of the exam