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Bringing the community together

Bringing the PM² community together

PM² Alliance’s events connect professionals, trainers, experts and project managers from all over Europe

We believe that the future of project management depends on the community of project managers working together, and that the PM² Alliance has a crucial role to play in enabling the sharing of knowledge and experiences and fostering appreciation of PM² as a common, open and free methodology for Europe – and beyond.

PM² Alliance Conferences & Events

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Free online seminar on the PM² Methodology in Croatian

Algebra organizes a free online seminar on the PM² Project Management Methodology on May 21, 2020 and June 10, 2020. The seminar will be delivered by Marko Šimac, Regional Coordinator of the PM² Allia...

PM² Alliance 2019 Regional Conference in Athens

This year the PM²Alliance joined forces with HAU and GBMC to organise its regional conference on the European Institutions’ choice for managing projects: the PM² Methodology. The t...

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