Together we thinkTogether we actTogether we achieve......one project at a time!

Volunteering at the PM² Alliance

The PM² Alliance was founded by project management professionals committed to professional excellence and to a common vision: sharing the benefits of the PM² Methodology with the world. The PM² Alliance is member-driven and volunteer-led, which means that everything we do is done by volunteers and for the benefit of our members and the broader PM² community.

The PM² Alliance provides volunteering opportunities for members and non‐members alike. Our volunteer community has a direct and critical impact on PM² Alliance’s governance through the influence of our PM² Alliance’s Advisory Committees, through the leadership of our Regional Coordinators and through the results achieved by our Work Groups.

We think together, we act together, we achieve together, one project at a time while holding each other accountable to our standards. With a great sense of responsibility towards our stakeholders, our members, and society.

Our vision, mission, and code of ethics inspire all PM² Alliance members and volunteers and help us maintain a clear sense of purpose while adhering to the highest ethical standards of conduct. They promote ethical decision-making and complement organizational policies and practices reflecting our commitment to “doing the right thing, for the right reasons, at the right time”.

Our Code of Ethics and Volunteering Agreements need to be accepted and signed by everyone at the PM² Alliance.

Want to become a PM² Alliance volunteer?

Volunteers undertake a commitment to:

  • Actively participate in the PM² Alliance community, sharing knowledge and experiences, and fostering an appreciation of PM² as a common, open and free methodology.
  • Support the implementation of the PM² Alliance strategies, plans, and activities without receiving any personal gain.
  • Practice the PM² Mindsets and observe the PM² Personal & Professional Virtues.
  • Abide by the internal rules and regulations of the PM² Alliance.
  • Respect and follow the Code of Ethics of the PM² Alliance. 

The PM² Alliance undertakes a commitment to:

  • Enable the active participation of the volunteer in the community and in the strategies, plans and activities of the PM² Alliance.
  • Offer the volunteer information, support and, in due cases, provide the necessary resources for the implementation of assigned duties and planned activities.
  • Provide the volunteer with insurance coverage for accident and civil responsibility that may be derived from the activity as a volunteer.
  • Compensate expenses (upon explicit prior written agreement) derived from the implementation of assigned duties and planned activities as a volunteer.
  • Acknowledge the contribution of all volunteers and provide incentives and rewards for long term commitment or exceptional achievements.


  • The PM² Alliance and the volunteer agree to treat all information or material that has or could be considered of strategic value for the PM² Alliance as confidential  not to be disclosed to third parties.
  • Confidential information means any data or information not generally known to the public or that has not yet been revealed, whether in tangible or intangible form.
  • The strategic value of any information or material should be discussed by the PM² Alliance and the volunteer in advance of any disclosure in order to ensure optimal alignment with the mission and strategic plans of the PM² Alliance.
  • Any issues or considerations regarding Intellectual Property rights derived from the activity of the PM² Alliance and/or the volunteer because of the implementation of assigned duties and planned activities shall be discussed in advance and agreed in due course to the mutual benefit of the two parties and in the best interest of the PM² Alliance’s mission.
  • The PM² Alliance and the volunteer will be reciprocally acknowledged as contributors in any materials that may be derived from assigned duties and implemented activities.