PM² Expert Certification

Who is this Certification for

The PM² Expert Certification is a Level-3 certificate that addresses the certification needs of anyone supporting organisations, project managers and projects from a PM² methodology expert’s position:

  • Project Management Experts
  • PM² Methodology Experts
  • PM² Consultants
  • PMO/PSO internal support experts
  • PM² Educators & Trainers
  • Project Coordinators
  • Staff of organisations that offer project management services to EU Funded Projects

PM² Expert Certification


The PM² Expert Certification is designed to confirm a candidate’s ability to apply the PM² Methodology in practice.

Candidates who achieve the certification prove a deep level of understanding of the methodology and their ability to apply PM² best practices in their own projects, but also in helping from an expert’s position others apply them.

Level of involvement: high.

Study material: The exam questions are based on the following European Commission publications:

  • PM² Guide 3.0
  • All PM² Artefacts templates
  • Project Management Tools & Techniques
  • In class material (received during the PM² Expert Training)

Assessment Format

The PM² Expert Certification is comprised of three parts: a online Training, an online Case Assessment and an online Exam.

1) The PM² Expert Training is delivered as 3x3hr online sessions which cover Advanced PM² Concepts and discussions.

2) The PM² Expert Case Assessment part of the PM² Expert Certification has a duration of approximately 10 weeks and is conducted 100% online through the PM² Alliance online platform. During this period a candidate builds their PM² plans while the assessment instructor provides guidance, tips and tricks, and answers candidate’s questions.

The assessment is completed with the submission of the documented PM² project based on the following PM² Artefacts templates: Project Initiation Request, Business Case, Project Charter, Project Handbook, Project Work plan, Business Implementation Plan, the Project Logs and Project Status Report.

Candidates are invited to propose their own real projects (even completed ones). After approval of the proposed case, candidates submit their PM² plans one by one for review by the assessment instructor whose feedback can be even incorporated into the final deliverables before they are scored.

2) The PM² Expert Exam is the second part of the PM² Expert Certification. It’s an online proctored exam conducted through the PM² Center’s online examination platform. In contrast to all other PM² Alliance Certifications, the PM² Expert Certification Exam is based on a balanced mix of advanced PM² knowledge and situational judgement type of questions. The exam is taken after the successful completion of the case assessment.

  • Online and open book & notes exam
  • Multiple choice questions (advance PM² knowledge and situational judgement)
  • 30 questions per exam
  • 40 minutes duration
  • At least 25 questions need to be answered correctly to pass the exam
  • One mark awarded for every right answer
  • No negative marking for wrong answers
Success rate: the statistical success rate of this exam is 90%.


There are several formal prerequisites for the completion of the PM² Expert Certification:

  1. PM² Essentials Certification
  2. PM² Advanced Certification
  3. Completion of the relevant PM² Expert Training
  4. Completion of the online PM² Expert Assessment Process
  5. Online PM² Expert Certification Exam

PM² Expert Certification

For PM² Alliance Members


PM² Expert Certification

For PM² Certified Trainers


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