PM² Trainer Certification

Who is this Certification for

The PM² Trainer Certification is designed to attest a Trainer’s or Educator’s master level understanding of the PM² Methodology and their ability to teach PM² and prepare candidates for the PM² Certifications.

All PM² Alliance Affiliated Training Providers who offer PM² trainings must deliver their trainings through trainers who have attained the PM² Trainer Certification.

  • PM² Professional Trainers
  • PM² Educators
  • PM² Coaches
  • Designers of PM² training programmes

PM² Essentials Certification


The PM² Trainer Certification tests the master-level knowledge of a trainer on all aspects of the PM² Methodology, as well as and their ability to effectively explain basic and advanced aspects of the methodology and the certification process. 

Exam Format

  • In class or online proctored exam
  • Multiple choice questions
  • 30 questions per exam
  • 40 minutes duration
  • At least 25 questions need to be answered correctly to pass the exam
  • One mark awarded for every right answer
  • No negative marking for wrong answers


There are several prerequisites for the PM² Trainer Certification exam:

  • PM² Essentials Certification
  • PM² Advanced Certification
  • Valid PM² Alliance Membership
  • Experience as a trainer
  • Proof of Project Management domain knowledge

Other available PM² Certificates

PM² Trainer Certification

*For Educators
  • special offer 

PM² Trainer Certification

For Professional PM² Trainers
  • ATP qualification

Not ready to take the exam?

Our Affiliated Training Providers offer a wide range of training courses and workshops for different levels of experience and towards different certifications.