Why PM²

PM² is light and easy to use, suitable for any type of project.

The PM² Methodology:

The wide adoption of the PM² increases the effectiveness, efficiency and success of the thousands of projects and programmes undertaken by European Union Institutions, Member State Public administrations and private organisations.

The wide adoption of PM² benefits

Is the European Commission a Stakeholder of your project?

The PM² Methodology has been proven to address the specific needs, constraints and culture of EU Institutions and Public Administrations. Therefore, the capacity to implement the methodology is of essence for anyone involved with the Project Management of European and National, publicly funded or subsidised projects. 

"The OpenPM²​ is an easy to use project management methodology, even for private organisations. It fits the needs without being very complex and allows tailoring to different types and sizes of projects. When we settled the PMO in the IT Consulting Company, the adoption of the OpenPM² framework was a quick win in increasing the control of projects and clients’ satisfaction, as we profit from a simple but robust methodology that didn’t need a lot of tailoring and was easily understood and applied by all Project Managers."
“OpenPM² is one of the rare open source standards in Project Management (PM), and among the most formal and complete. Its longevity and reach will soon span beyond the European Commission PM community, as new organisations seek to integrate its assets into new standards, such as the Business Technology Management (BTM) Body of Knowledge (BOK), to serve as professional certification and program accreditation standards.”

"The PM² of the European Commission (the Open edition) was first presented, officially, in Logroño Spain beginning of October 2018. It was 100+ people present, mainly business and projects managers. The event was organized by the Gobierno de La Rioja (Dir. Innovación, Trabajo, Industria y Comercio) in cooperation with APGP (the Association of Project Managers in La Rioja). PM² was very well received, with favourable comments/reviews in the local press & TV and raised great attention to both SMEs and the public sector."
"The OpenPM² methodology gives the great opportunity to implement Project Management in the organisations with an open and free standard. It is a huge impetus to use Project Management especially in Public Administration and to have a common model and vocabulary in public and private organisations. In order to promote the OpenPM² framework and make it as accessible as possible, one of the Project Management commissions at Order of Engineers of the province of Rome has begun to analyse this methodology."