Certifications Review & Appeals

PM² Alliance Certification Review & Appeals Procedure

An exam review can be requested when a candidate believes that a problem or an event has prevented them from successfully completing or succeeding a PM² Alliance Certification Exam. 

Should the request for review be directly related to one or more exam questions, the details of the problem must be clearly explained, and the necessary information provided (i.e. e-Vo number, question number and/or a description of the question). This will allow for the PM² Alliance Certification Reviews & Appeals Committee (CRAC) to identify the question and review the claim. 

An appeal can only be made in the following situations: 

1) exam platform irregularity during the exam and
2) specific question irregularity

In both cases, the request should be submitted formally to the attention of the PM² Alliance Certification Reviews & Appeals Committee (CRAC) within 5 working days of the exam date/incident. A non-refundable Review &Appeals fee of 50 Euros will be paid at the time when the online PM² Alliance Certification Review & Appeals Form is submitted. The PM² Alliance will acknowledge the receipt of the request for review or appeal automatically and will provide an answer within 10 days. The outcome decision of the Committee will be final. 

Should the PM² Alliance Certification Reviews & Appeals Committee (CRAC) acknowledge a mistake in a question, the procedure will be to removed the question from the exam and the candidate’s final score will be recalculated based on the remaining number of valid questions.

The PM² Alliance Certification Reviews & Appeals Committee (CRAC) is comprised of the following three members:

1. PM² Alliance Certifications Coordinator
2. PM² Alliance Expert 1
3. PM² Alliance Expert 2

Please also note the following:

• Candidates accept the rules of the examination once they start an exam, therefore, appeals against the exam rules as published on the exam invitations and communicated at the beginning of the exam session, will result a negative outcome.
• In order to safeguard the credibility of the exam and in fairness to future candidates, the wording of the questions and their answers will not be communicated.