The OpenPM² Initiative

A Project Management Methodology made in Europe

for Europe and for the World

Through the OpenPM² Initiative, in 2016, the EU Commission provided open access to PM² to everyone beyond the EU institutions such as Member States, Contractors and finally all EU citizens. Opening the PM² aimed to enable better project management in Europe and to contribute towards the increase in project management maturity within the European Union for the benefit of all stakeholders. Acting as a catalyst for the modernisation of European Public Administrations, the OpenPM² established a common PM language and process for projects within and across organisations, increasing effectiveness, collaboration efficiency and success in the coordination of projects in the EU.

The OpenPM² Initiative:

"One common, open and free Project Management Methodology for Europe"

The PM² Alliance Manifesto for Europe:

"The future of project management depends on the community of project managers working together"

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