Agile PM² Certification

Who is this Certification for

The PM² Agile Certification is designed to confirm a candidate’s understanding of the application of Agile principles, Tools and Techniques in PM² Projects.

The PM² Agile Certification addresses the certification needs of anyone working in projects which incorporate Agile practices – primary in the field of Information Technology:

  • Project Managers/Leaders
  • Team Coordinators (TeCo) / Team Leads
  • Scrum Masters
  • Agile PM² project team members
  • Business Managers
  • Project Management Assistants
  • PMO/PSO members
  • Project Owners
  • Contractors’ Project Managers
  • Project Management educators & trainers

PM² Advanced Certification


The Agile PM² Certification exam focuses on the Agile aspects of the PM² Methodology, covering the what, when, who, how and why of the Agile extension of the PM² Methodology. The exam questions span the areas of Agile PM² Governance, Lifecycle, Agile Values and Principles, Agile Tools & Techniques. Candidates who achieve the certification prove a level of understanding of the methodology required to lead a PM² project with Agile principles effectively integrated within the management approach. Exam difficulty level: medium-high. Study material: The exam questions are based 100% on the following European Commission publications:
  •  The PM² Guide v3, 2018 (Appendix – Agile Extension)
  • Material covered during the Agile PM² Training delivered by the PM² Alliance Affiliate Training Providers (see prerequisites)

Exam Format

This is a closed book online proctored exam powered by our online examination platform:

  •  Multiple choice questions
  • 45 questions per exam
  • 40 minutes duration
  • At least 31 correct answers to pass the exam
  • One mark awarded for every right answer
  • No negative marking for wrong answers


There are three formal prerequisites for the PM² Agile Certification exam:

  1. Achievement of at least one of the PM² Alliance Essentials or Advanced Certifications
  2. Agile PM² preparation training delivered by a PM² Alliance Certified Trainer
  3. A certification voucher (e-Vo) purchased through a PM² Alliance Affiliated Training Provider (ATP).

Other available PM² Certificates

Agile PM² Certification

For PM² Alliance members
  • Two retakes

Agile PM² Certification

For non members
  • Two retakes

Not ready to take the exam?

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