Student Ambassador Programme

We are expanding our presence in Universities & Colleges across Europe

What is the PM² Alliance's Ambassador Programme?

  • Alliance members can take their support and involvement a stage further and become Ambassadors of the association. We work with our Ambassadors in a wide variety of ways and we greatly value their help in many aspects of PM² Alliance activity. The Student Ambassador Programme has been initiated and is being administrated by the PM² Alliance’s Decentralised Council.
PM² Alliance Young Students
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What do PM² Alliance Ambassadors do?

  • PM² Alliance Ambassadors raise awareness of the PM² Alliance and the PM² Methodology. They provide their highly valued feedback and advice on a variety of issues and they get involved with the PM² Alliance’s events and these of other Ambassadors. Our Ambassadors represent the wide diversity of PM² Alliance membership, from undergraduate students to senior researchers.
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Essential Criteria:

  • Be familiar with the PM² Methodology and with PM² Alliance's mission
  • Take responsibility and to work methodically
  • Possess good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Demonstrate high levels of enthusiasm and commitment
  • Efficient, well organised and systematic
  • Friendly and helpful

Reward Points

  • PM² Alliance Ambassadors earn reward points towards free examination vouchers for selected PM² Certifications.

How can I become an Ambassador of the PM² Alliance?

  • If you are a PM² Alliance member and you are interested in becoming an Ambassador, please fill the application form and our Ambassador team coordinator will contact you.