Code of Ethics

The purpose of Code of Ethics

The PM² Alliance was founded by project management professionals committed to professional excellence and to a common vision: sharing the benefits of the PM² Methodology with the world.

The Code of Ethics seeks to inspire PM² Alliance members and affiliates and help them maintain the highest ethical and professional standards. Comprised of aspirational principles that members and affiliates can choose to adopt rather than a set of standards that are enforced on them, the PM² Code of Ethics promotes professional excellence through ethical criteria that transcend typical professional and legal obligations.

Encouraging ethical decision-making and conduct, it aims both to complement organizational policies and practices and to facilitate their application. Outmost, the Code of Ethics reflects a consensus on the importance of “doing the right thing” and behaving responsibly towards stakeholders and society, while its application ultimately relies on members’ and affiliates’ genuine willingness to apply it.

The Code of Ethics needs to be signed by everyone who works with the PM² Alliance, as well as by the people and organizations that are certified by it. It is also expected that PM² Alliance members, and everyone who works with the PM² Methodology, will adhere to it.

Key Principles

  • Commitment to Stakeholders:
  • We keep stakeholders’ best interests in the forefront of our minds. We are willing to do the best we can to serve their interests and objectives, to protect their personal integrity, and to ensure their personal safety and security, individual growth and financial welfare.
  • Commitment to Excellence:
  • We endeavor to identify and follow best professional practices, and commit to continually improve our knowledge and skills in order to do so.
  • Respect:
  • We respect cultural, political and economic diversity: our relations, transactions and practices with stakeholders rely on mutual respect and appreciation.
  • Transparency and Truthfulness:
  • We cultivate openness and disclose information appropriately to facilitate professional efficiency and promote trusting, mutually beneficial, sustainable relationships with stakeholders.
  • Trustworthiness and Accountability:
  • We deliver what we promise, and take ownership of and responsibility for the results.
  • Integrity:
  • We apply the principles laid out in this code consistently and will not compromise some in favour of others.
  • Social Responsibility:
  • We are aware of our impact on the community and aim to promote a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable environment.

Ethics and Best Practices

The standard of conduct that reflects the above principles could contain, but need not be limited to, the following best practices:

    1. We take care to identify stakeholders’ expectations and needs as they change over the duration of the project.

    2. We identify and protect stakeholders’ best interests as required by professional, legal and ethical considerations.

    3. We address and consolidate stakeholders’ diverse needs, proposing appropriate solutions that accommodate those needs.

    4. We apply fair billing procedures and provide honest and accurate progress reports.

    5. We endeavor to bring results of the highest value for stakeholders and care for both the quality and sustainability of the results.

    1. We strive for the best results possible, applying solutions that meet stakeholders’ needs while maximizing the use of available resources.

    2. We ensure a healthy and safe working environment, applying the highest health and safety standards.

    3. We commit to maintaining and developing our professional competence through relevant lifelong learning.

    4. We do not require or permit people under our control and supervision to engage in projects that exceed their competence, as this is defined by their education, training, certification status, and experience.

    5. We ensure that our business partners also apply the above standards.

    1. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, age, culture, religion, national origin, disability, social status, economic status etc.

    2. We do not abuse our power in any way and do not engage in harassment, sexual or otherwise. We take precautions to ensure abuses of power and harassment do not take place.

    3. We respect the cultural values and customs of others to the extent that these do not violate the ethical principles set out here and are not contrary to the projects’ goals.

    4. We manage conflicts stemming from social and cultural differences with cultural sensitivity.

    5. We respect others’ contributions, compensate them fairly and acknowledge their contributions in front of others.

    1. We encourage stakeholders to express their expectations, needs and other considerations freely.

    2. We protect stakeholders’ rights and privacy as required by legal and ethical considerations, and explain any limitations on confidentiality.

    3. We respect confidentiality and only disclose and/or discuss confidential information with people who are entitled to the information.

    4. We provide stakeholders with the information they need to make well-informed decisions and to participate productively in the project.

    1. We are committed to delivering what we promise.

    2. We set realistic goals, exercise regular cost and quality controls, and take appropriate corrective actions when needed.

    3. We provide reasonable notice if we cannot meet our professional obligations, either permanently or temporarily.

    4. We recruit the most suitable people and business partners for a project and support them with the knowledge, equipment and methodology needed to deliver the desired results.

    5. We maintain accurate and timely records and take measures to protect the confidentiality and security of these records, access to which shall be permitted to the extent that it is legally authorized or required.

    1. We fully comply with any home and host country laws and regulations which are applicable to a specific field of professional practice.

    2. We do not initiate or contribute to any fraudulent act either intentionally or unintentionally due to ignorance or negligence, which involving gains in any form coming from projects undertaken.

    3. We are honest about our professional qualifications, which include our education, training, competence, credentials and experience.

    4. We uphold and promote high ethical standards. We remain on our guard against all forms of bias, even when we are working under the influence of companies, corporations, institutions or governments whose practices or policies are morally deficient.

    5. If there is evidence that the law or professional and ethical standards have been violated, we react immediately to protect the stakeholders, either working collaboratively with the persons involved to resolve the situation or, if necessary, formally reporting the person who committed the violation to the appropriate internal or external authorities, regulatory bodies or associations.

    6. We identify and appropriately handle potential conflicts of interest, either by avoiding them or disclosing them to the affected parties.

    1. We endeavor to create sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships with stakeholders, which are respectful of economic, social, and environmental concerns.

    2. We foster awareness of any harmful individuals and/or project-related environmental and social impacts, and strive to minimize them.

    3. We consider a project’s environmental, economic, and social impacts and prepare for them in both project design and management.

    4. We solicit community input and utilize local experts, resources, goods and services when appropriate to optimize the social and environmental outcomes.

    5. We maximize the use of available resources and search for and apply solutions that minimize environment costs.

    6. We are interested in achieving long-term results that ensure sustainable development.