The PM² Guide Translations

Translations of the PM² Methodology Guide v3.0 and the PM² Overview Publication

Metodologia de Gestão de Projetos PM²
Guia 3.0

PM²Guide v3.0 Portuguese Translation 
Tradução Português

Metodologia PM² Managementul Proiectelor Ghid v3.0 

PM² Guide v3.0 Romanian Translation
Traducere Română 

Οδηγός PM² v3.0
Greek Translation
Ελληνικά (coming soon)
Artefact Templates GR


Genel Bakış PM²

PM² Overview Turkish Translation
Tercüme Türkçe

Pregled PM²

PM² Overview Serbian Translation
Prevod na srpski

Vodič PM² v3.0
Croatian Translation

(coming soon)

All PM² translations are organised as projects managed and executed by the open PM² community. The results are quality reviewed and published by the PM² Alliance or by the European Commission.

The translations below are published directly by the European Commission.