Our Mission

Our mission is to enable better project management for the public benefit.


Over the past decades, EU Institutions have accrued significant experience in project management from overseeing the investment of billions of Euros through thousands of projects, programmes and grants. The PM² Methodology captures this experience and provides a baseline project methodology, facilitating improved accountability, transparency, communication and collaborationon projects undertaken within and across organisations.

Through theOpen PM² Initiative, the EU has provided open and free access to the PM² Methodology. PM² is now shared via multiple, but lean, publications and online resources which provide simple project management guidelines, documentation templates and productive mindsets written with the project manager in mind.

We believe that the future of project management depends on the community of project managers working together, and that the PM² Alliance has a crucial role to play in enabling the sharing of knowledge and experiences and fostering appreciation of PM² as a common, open and free methodology for Europe – and beyond.

”I want a European Union that is bigger and more ambitious on big things, and smaller and more modest on small things.”

“We will be doing less, but we will be doing our work more effectively. We will be working as a team and not in silos. And we will deliver.”

“Form has to follow function.”

“…to overcome silo-mentalities and introduce a new collaborative way of working in areas where Europe can really make a difference.”

“… to be able to deliver quickly and effectively.”

“… to organise the new Commission around project teams”

“… to be in charge of a number of well-defined priority projects, …in compositions that may change according to need and to possible new projects developing over time, and be in charge of steering and coordinating project teams, … depend on the contributions of his or her Project Team, … to successfully complete the project assigned to him or her.”

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker
Speech before the European Parliament on 15 July 2014, SPEECH/14/585,
Press Conference, Brussels, 10 September 2014

Source: European Commission – Open PM² Conference 2018

Our Mission

The PM² Alliance carries the torch of the Open PM² vision, promotes PM², and takes it to places “where no PM² has gone before”. It brings the Open PM² community together, connecting PM² practitioners, trainers, experts and project managers from all over Europe and works with other Institutions and organisations in promoting better project management in Europe

The PM² Alliance:

Develops and Fosters

excellence in Project Management


new ideas for a continual enhancement of project management mindsets and practices

Creates and Disseminates

knowledge throughout its network

Provides Benchmarking

tools for assessment and accreditation systems


through a series of learning and development activities that foster learning and self- improvement


people and organisations around the world through advocacy and dissemination 

Builds Links

bringing peers together to exchange on latest developments and network


the wide adoption of the PM² Methodology