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Available PM² Certifications

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The PM² Alliance Certification programme is available to all and has been designed to certify knowledge of the PM² methodology at various levels. The PM² Alliance is committed to bringing the benefits of this certification to all for the purpose of the advancement of the PM² Methodology for the public good.

See also the PM² Alliance Certification Equivalence Programme.

PM² Certification is ideal for


Growing popularity and acceptability of the PM² Methodology has created a great demand for certified professionals. Seize the opportunity and join this growing community now. By becoming certified you demonstrate your level of PM² knowledge and your commitment to continuous professional development.


Adopt the PM² Methodology at organisational level and certify the PM² knowledge of your Project Managers and project staff at various levels depending on their role in the Project. In company group certifications are also available upon agreement. See also Corporate Alignment, Corporate Membership and Corporate Partnership.

EU Funded Projects

Does your organisation participate in multi-party project work? Certify that your project coordinators follow key PM² best practices and increase the quality of their project management. Communicate effectively with project partners and with the Project Officers of the European Commission.

Training Providers

Are you offering trainings on Project Management? Demonstrate your mastering of PM² as a trainer and help your students prepare for a PM² certification. Become an Affiliate Training Provider (ATP) and  a PM² Certification Agent. Get direct access to PM² Center's platform and issue your exam e-Vos in  bulk and monitor the progress of your students.

PM² Certifications help in...

...understanding Project Management
...managing projects
...daily work activities
...career evolution
98%would recommend the PM² certification
95%agree that PM² contributes to project success

The PM² Alliance Certifications are not related to the EC’s CoEPM² Training and Certification programme which is designed for (and available only to) EU Institutions Staff. See also our Certification Equivalence Programme.

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