Affiliated Training Providers Programme

PM² Alliance & Training Providers

Recognising your expertise in disseminating the PM² Methodology

The PM² Alliance is not a Training provider and does not deliver trainings directly. We have a vigorous vetting process to examine organisations wishing to become Affiliated Training Providers (ATPs) during which they must demonstrate their ability to deliver high quality trainings on the PM² Methodology. 


Become a PM² Alliance Affiliated Training Provider (ATP)

Our Affiliated Training Provider (ATP) Programme gives formal recognition to educators for the quality tuition and support that they offer.

When you become an Affiliated Training Provider (ATP), you join our international network of partners and you benefit from the PM² Alliance’s reach. ATPs have access to an comprehensive range of certifications at varying levels enabling you to create and offer a rich portfolio of trainings. Through the PM² Alliance, you have access to promote your services to an international market that already recognises the need for training and professional development in PM². Finally ATPs enjoy competitive advantages for offering certification vouchers to participants of their trainings.

The PM² Alliance’s accreditation team will support and guide you through each step of the process, making it a seamless process for your organisation.

Apply for Afiiliation

To become an Affiliated Training Provider (ATP), complete a short form and we will contact you and walk you through the affiliation process.