PM² Methodology for EU funded projects

Project Management for EU funded projects

Thousands of European Projects for the benefit of all citizensA common Project Management Methodology for all Projects

Better project management for EU beneficiaries

Approximately 80% of EU funds are managed in partnership with national and regional authorities through a system of “shared management”, largely through 5 big funds – the Structural & Investment Funds. Collectively, these help to implement the Europe 2020 strategy.  

Other funds (approximately 20%) are managed directly by the EU, and are provided in the form of Grants for specific projects in relation to EU policies, or Contracts issued by EU institutions to. 

Horizon Europe is the EU’s ambitious research and innovation framework programme (2021-2027) with a budget of € 100 billion in Grants. It aims to strengthen the EU’s scientific and technological bases, to boost Europe’s innovation capacity, competitiveness and jobs, to deliver on citizens’ priorities and sustain our socioeconomic model and values.  The EU Research Executive Agency (REA) manages many of the EU research grants and act as a funding body for research and innovation. 

All EU funding is managed according to strict rules to ensure tight control over how funds are used and that the money is spent in a transparent and accountable manner which implements the EU’s policy priorities and maximises the impact and benefits of the funds. To get funding for your project, you will need to identify a relevant call and submit a proposal. Competition is quite high so that means that you will have to have a well-developed proposal which covers all the technical requirements of the call, including indication of adequacy in project managemen

Discover the PM² Advantage

The PM² Methodology has been developed by the European Commission and its knowledge and use can greatly benefit beneficiaries of EU Funds and Grants. Therefore, the capacity to implement the methodology is of essence for anyone involved with the Project Management of European and National funded projects. 

A PM2 pill for EU Projects

Helping Europe succeed, one project at a time!

The PM² Alliance promotes the use of the PM² Methodology for the effective management of EU funded projects. 

Adopt the European Commission’s own methodology to manage your projects and demonstrate your commitment to high quality project management and the efficient investment of EU funds:

  • Speak the same “project” language as thousands of PM² Certified European Commission staff, Project Officers, assessors and auditors.
  • Establish a common language and a common way of working for your project.
  • Define clear roles and responsibilities for consortium partners, work package leaders and members.
  • Establish a real project lifecycle that will guide you through better project initiating and planning, more effective monitoring and controlling and even project closing.
  • Use the PM² templates, checklists and project logs and apply the PM² best practices in your documentation.

The PM² Alliance brings the benefits of PM² closer to EU funded projects

Apply the PM² best practices in all aspects of your EU funded work. From proposal writing to project coordination and reporting; from the planning of dissemination activities to defining sustainability and exploitation objectives. Achieve increased project efficiency while aiming for results with maximum impact. 

Get your consortium, organisation and project PM² enabled. Your capacity to effectively use the PM² methodology has become increasingly important when involved in  European and National, publicly funded or subsidised projects.

At the PM² Alliance, we have taken four specific actions to bring the advantages of PM² closer to beneficiaries:

  1. We have established an EU Funded Programmes Advisory Committee comprised of seasoned experts that establish the Alliance’s strategic priorities in this domain.
  2. We have established a Working Group focused on the continuous development and tailoring of content to serve the needs of European collaborative projects.
  3. We have established a working partnership with the European Academy to help organisations manage their EU funded projects.
  4. We offer a PM² Certification suitable for project coordinators and project team members. 

A new benefit for all PM² Alliance members

In collaboration with the European Academy the PM² Alliance extends an exclusive offer to all its registered members which includes a 10% course discount and a pre-paid (cost € 150) PM² Basic Certification voucher. 


Effective Project Management based on the PM² Methodology of the European Commission


European Academy is a PM² Alliance Affiliated Training Provider (ATP) and a knowledge transfer facilitator in domains related to European Policy and Funding.  European Academy offers training solutions that address the overall training needs of Universities, Research Institutes, Public bodies, Corporations, SMEs and non-profit organisations.

European Academy was the first training provider to engage with PM² practitioners in developing courses on the implementation of the PM² Methodology in collaborative funded projects. Over the years it has trained thousands of project coordinators and project staff. 

In the frame of our collaboration, the PM² Alliance provides expertise in tailoring PM² to better apply to the needs of this specific type of projects, and gains insights in the implementation of the methodology in hundreds of flagship European projects.