EC Methodologies in the Service of EU Public Administration

November 30th - December 2nd,  2020

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EC Methodologies in the Service of EU Public Administration

Harnessing the Power of AI in Projects and EU Funded Initiatives

17th April 2024, 10:00-12:00 am
Venue: Spinelli Building, European Parliament, Brussels
(see on map)

Join us at the heart of European decision-making, the European Parliament in Brussels, for an enriching event dedicated to exploring the important role that the EC’s PM² methodologies can play in EU public administration, with a special focus on the PM² Methodologies and the use of AI. The event is designed to bring together decision makers and professionals from across the EU public administration, including National and EU Regional Representations, members of EU Bodies and professionals from all over Europe to engage in a constructive dialogue on the transformative power of management methodologies and AI.

Join Us

We invite you to be a part of this insightful event, where methodologies and AI meet networking, fostering a collaborative environment for the future of EU public administration. Together, let’s harness the full potential of structured methodologies like PM² to drive effective governance and management across the EU. Formal registration is required. Registrations open on Feb 15th.

Provisional Agenda

The following are key dates and deadlines for preparing your participation


Welcoming guests into the Parliament and guest registration


Late arrivals registration


Theme and Panel presentation


Opening note from MEP Dragos Tudorache


Panel discussions on discussion theme


Closing notes, takeaways, and the way ahead




Complementary PM² Training (separate registration)


Drinks and networking event (separate registration)

About the Event

This event is for public administration officials, project managers, policy makers, and professionals involved in managing EU-funded investments seeking to enhance their understanding on how EC methodologies and AI can help them in their work.

April 17th, 2024, 10:00-12:00
Registration required.
Event venue: European Parliament, Spinelli building, Espace Leopold, Rue Wiertz 60, Brussels (see on map).

  1. Promoting Methodologies in Public Administration

    Highlight the significance of EC methodologies, particularly PM², in enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of public administration within the EU. Demonstrating how structured methodologies can lead to better management and governance.

  2. Enhancing Collaborative Projects

    Encourage the use of EC methodologies for improving collaboration and coordination in EU-funded and public sector projects, leading to more effective outcomes.

  3. Policy Development and Best Practices

    Facilitate discussions that can inform policy development and the establishment of best practices in the application of methodologies in public administration.

  4. Success Stories

    Present case studies and success stories demonstrating the effective application of PM² in public administration and EU-funded projects, providing attendees with resources and relatable examples.

  5. Incorporating AI as a Tool

    Discuss the role of AI as a tool for the understanding and application of these methodologies. How AI can complement methodologies like PM² in public administration to bring about innovation and efficiency.

  6. Future Trends and Methodological Evolution

    Discuss the future evolution of methodologies in the context of emerging trends and technologies and changing administrative landscapes, including how AI and other digital tools can be integrated.

  7. Knowledge Exchange on methodologies

    Provide a platform for exchanging knowledge and experiences related to the application of the PM² and other methodologies in various contexts within public administration, including its challenges and successes.

  8. Professional Development

    Promote the free learning resources of the PM² Alliance and the European Commission for attendees to deepen their understanding of PM² and other methodologies, and how these can be applied effectively in their work environments.

  9. Feedback Loop for Continuous Improvement

    Create a feedback loop via the PM² Alliance where event participants can share their experiences, challenges, and suggestions about the use of methodologies and PM² in public administration projects, thus contributing to their continuous development and refinement.

  10. Networking and Community Building

    Create opportunities for networking among professionals, EU public administration professionals, national representations, and EU regions. This fosters a community of practice and collaboration, crucial for sharing experiences and developing new approaches. 

Complementary PM² Training

Following the insightful discussions and presentations on the PM² methodology’s role in enhancing EU public administration effectiveness, the PM² Alliance is offering a complementary PM² training session. This session is designed to deepen participants’ understanding of the PM² Methodology and its practical application within EU Public Administration and projects. The training aims to equip attendees with an understanding that will help them to start using PM² in their respective organisations, ensuring more efficient and cohesive project management.

April 17th, 2024, 14:00-17:00
Registrations Closed (fully booked)
Event venue: PM² Alliance Headquarters, Rond Point Schuman, Schumanplein 6, Brussels 1040 (see on map)

Social Event

To foster community and collaboration among professionals interested in the PM² methodology, a Social Event is being organised as a follow-up to the  discussions on PM² in EU public administration. This informal gathering provides a unique opportunity for attendees to network, share experiences, and discuss the practical implications of PM² in a relaxed atmosphere. It’s an excellent chance for professionals to connect, exchange ideas, and build relationships that can support their project management efforts. The Social Event aims to strengthen the PM² community, encouraging further collaboration and knowledge sharing among those dedicated to improving project management practices within the EU.

April 17th, 2024, 18:30-22:00
Registration Required.
Event venue: Caffeine – Rue Van Maerlant 13, 1040 Etterbeek, Bruxelles (see on map).

The Training Session and Social Event are sponsored by OpenProject and European Academy.  

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