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Member-driven and volunteer-led, the PM² Alliance is an international, not-for-profit organisation. Founded by PM² practitioners, the Alliance brings together individuals from institutions, companies and the academia to inspire dialogue, share resources, and address the field’s challenges while promoting the wider adoption of the PM² Methodology.

PM² Methodology

An open, free, lean and effective Project Management Methodology

We believe that the future of project management depends on the coordinated involvement of the project management community to develop an effective project language, an open, free and effective project management methodology.

Translations of the PM² Guide!

The PM² Project Management Methodology of the European Commission has been translated into multiple languages. These translations have been undertaken by the Open PM² community of volunteers and professionals, aiming at  bringing the PM² Methodology closer to the local language communities of the public and private sectors, in Europe and globally. PM² is an open source methodology, so you are welcome to use this translation freely for the benefit of your organisation and projects. 

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Keynote Speakers from the European Parliament, European Commission and International Institutions.

  • Success Stories from International Projects & Academia.
  • Discussion panels.
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  • over 60 recorded presentations

We are grateful to all those who have led the development of the PM² Methodology, the authors, the contributors, the reviewers, and the translation teams. We acknowledge their contribution and honour their moral right to be clearly identified in all PM² Alliance publications and translations in a dedicated and prominent section.

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