PM² Alliance Certification Exams in Spanish

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The PM² Alliance is happy to announce the availability of the PM² Alliance certification exam in Spanish as of November 2022. The exam will allow all the Spanish-speaking members of the PM² community to certify their knowledge of the Methodology in their mother tongue. The available levels are, for now, Basic and Essentials, and we […]

PM² Training for Valencia City Council Staff

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Valencia City Council Staff to receive training on the PM² methodology of the European Commission, October 21st 2022. This post is based on an article published in Spanish at It is the result of a methodology developed by the Commission itself to standardize the processes, the language and the bureaucracy of those actors who […]

PM² Alliance President at the PMI Croatia PMI Forum 2022

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Do not miss the biggest project management event in the region on November 7-9, 2022. The future is not something you “sit and wait for”. The future is the reality you choose to create. Scratch below the surface and learn how to create your reality in the best way possible. Project experts are those who […]

Everything you wanted to ask about the Open PM² Methodology

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Global Business Management Consultants – Discussion about the Project Management Methodology “Helping organisations do better project management” Discussion about the PM² Methodology with the Author of PM² and President of the PM² Alliance. What is PM²? What was the need? What problem did is solver? What is the story and journey of PM²? Where is […]

PM² Alliance – Train the Trainer & Certification Programme

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Join the next TtT Seminar to become a certified PM² Instructor. The PM² Alliance’s Train the Trainer (TtT) Programme is addressed to professional educators and is a prerequisite for anyone wishing to obtain the PM² Trainer Certification. The four-day training covers various topics, ranging from the methodology’s tools and artefacts to adult learning theory and instructional design methodology.

Interview with the Authors of the PM² Methodology

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MEPCAST Discussion“Helping Europe move forward, one project at a time” #MEPcast discussion with the PM² Methodology’s Authors Who wrote PM²? Why was PM² Created? What is the PM² Story? What is the future of PM²? Moderator:Anna Michelle Asimakopoulou, Member of the European Parliament – EU MEP Panelists:Athanasios (Sakis) Maraslis, PM² co-authorNicos Kourounakis, PM² co-author, PM² […]

ESCO considers PM² as Essential Knowledge for Project Managers & Project Support Officers

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ESCO (European Skills, Competences, Qualifications and Occupations) classifies PM² as Essential Project Management Knowledge. ESCO (European Skills, Competences, Qualifications and Occupations) has recently classified PM²  as Essential Project Management Knowledge. ESCO is the European multilingual classification of Skills, Competences and Occupations. ESCO works as a dictionary, describing, identifying, and classifying professional occupations and skills relevant for […]

PM² Methodologies in the service of the EU’s Recovery & Resilience Facility (RRF)

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The € 2.018 trillion recovery plan – a historic moment for the EU In 2020, the EU provided an unprecedented response to the coronavirus crisis that hit Europe and the world. At its heart is a stimulus package worth approximately EUR 2 trillion in current prices. It consists of the EU’s long-term budget for 2021 […]

Collaboration between the PM² Alliance and APOGEP (IPMA Portugal)

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PM² Alliance and APOGEP spread the benefits of the PM² methodology in Portugal and Portuguese Speaking Countries. PM² Alliance and APOGEP (IPMA-Portugal) have agreed to engage in institutional cooperation on matters of mutual interest and concern, specifically focusing on cooperation in the field of Professional Project Management. The two organizations have signed an agreement with […]

Interview of Elias Michelioudakis on the Open PM² Methodology

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Discussion about the OpenPM² Project Management Methodology “A lean and effective Project Management Methodology” Watch a video interview of Mr. Michelioudakis, member of the CoEPM² of the European Commission about the PM² Methodology. Elias Michelioudakis, Senior Consultant at the CoEPM².  See also: APGP Interview: Elias Michelioudakis Member of the Center of Excellence of Open Project […]

The Portuguese Translation of the PM² Guide

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The PM² Alliance is particularly proud for supporting the effort of bringing closer the PM² Methodology to its stakeholders across Europe and beyond. Many individuals, organizations and volunteers have done their best in order to translate the PM² Overview and the PM² Guide in various languages.  View Translations So far, the overview has been translated […]

Nicos Kourounakis – The Future of PM² and the Role of the PM² Alliance

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Watch the presentation video from the 2020 PM² Alliance Conference. Presentation Summary When the PM² Methodology came along more than a decade ago, it managed to capture the attention of the EU Institutions as a fresh, lean, and practical approach to project management.It had successfully distilled the extensive project management experience that EU Institutions had […]

Mladen Radujkovic – PM² & Project Management at ALMA MATER EUROPAEA University

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Watch the presentation video from the 2020 PM² Alliance Conference. Presentation Summary The session provide insight in teaching experiences about project management (PM) at Alma Mater Europaea ECM, where PM2 was recently incorporated in the curricula. Alma Mater Europaea (ECM) is institution under patronage of European Academy of Science and Arts (EASA) from Salzburg Austria. […]

Jeremias Iglesias – PM² at the European Central Bank

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Watch the presentation video from the 2020 PM² Alliance Conference. Presentation Summary This presentation provides an overview of how the PM² Methodology is being implemented at the ECB for IT projects. How its value-centric, clear-cut roles and responsibilities, governance model, phasing, and mindsets make PM² are unique assets working for Europe. Watch the presentation video […]