Become a Volunteer

Want to become a PM² Alliance Volunteer?

If your answer is “yes” to these questions, then read on.

The PM² Alliance is made up of volunteers from across the world who work together to fulfill the aims and materialise the vision of the association.

Below you can find some additional information regarding the skills, obligations and activities of a PM² Alliance volunteer.

Volunteers who join work groups and projects and are expected to work with others in self-organised teams. They report back to the designated Advisory Committee Members or Regional Coordinators.

Volunteers help to define, plan, coordinate and implement the key work undertaken by PM² Alliance.

As the PM² Alliance strategy is materialised through various new projects, depending on the skills and preference of volunteers they will assigned to specific work groups.

Needed areas of experience and competencies include: legal; networking; research, events management, authoring, coordination.

Most meetings and communications undertaken by the PM² Alliance are in English, however, you can also join a regional group and work in your own language.