PM² Manifesto for Europe

One open, free, and common Project Management Methodology for Europe


Together we agree that the time has matured for the adoption of a common project language, a common project methodology.

  • We shall evolve PM² to cover the PM community’s needs through the coordinated involvement of the community itself.
  • We shall invest in the simplicity of the PM² approach rather that developing it towards becoming a comprehensive super tool-box.
  • We shall invest in the proliferation and establishment of the PM² Mindsets as an essential dimension of effective project management and team behaviour.
  • We shall promote the PM² Governance Model as an indispensable pillar of project management and a success enabler for the creation of value for stakeholders.
  • We shall be guided by agile strategies which allow us to be responsive to the domain’s evolving demands and needs.

Do you agree with the PM² Alliance Manifesto?