PM² Manifesto for Europe

One open, free, and common Project Management Methodology for Europe

We, the Signatories of the PM² Manifesto: 


the future of project management depends on the community of project managers working together


effective project orientation is the key for organisations and society to deal with the many challenges of our times


project management doesn’t need to be complicated, sophisticated or require a large upfront investment


the time has matured for the adoption of a common project management methodology for Europe

As members of the PM² Alliance, we will:

  • invest in the simplicity of the PM² approach rather that developing it towards becoming a comprehensive super tool-box.
  • advocate the establishment of the PM² Mindsets as an essential dimension of effective project management and team behaviour.
  • promote the PM² Governance Model as an indispensable pillar of project management and a success enabler for the creation of value for stakeholders.
  • evolve PM² to cover the PM community’s needs through the coordinated involvement of the community itself.
  • be guided by agile strategies which allow us to be responsive to the domain’s evolving demands and needs.

Do you agree with the PM² Alliance Manifesto?