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The 7 Enemies of Sustainable Project Management in Public Administration

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Sustainability in project management is becoming increasingly vital, particularly for public administration organisations. It involves integrating economic, environmental, and social considerations into project planning and execution. Nevertheless, the path to sustainability is riddled with adversaries, which can be especially complex in bureaucratic and traditionally structured environments.  Here, we delve into the seven enemies of sustainable […]

PM² Methodology and Sustainability: A Holistic Approach to Responsible Project Management

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Promoting sustainability considerations in Project Management Sustainability is a concept that goes beyond buzzwords. It’s a fundamental principle that shapes how organisations operate and thrive. It’s about meeting the needs of the present while ensuring that future generations can meet their own needs.  This overarching principle, often defined by its three pillars: economic, environmental, and […]

Sustainable Leadership – The Cornerstone of Sustainable Project Management

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by Anastasia Moira & Nicos Kourounakis The pressing global demand for sustainable development is compelling all businesses and organisations to undergo a profound transformation into sustainable entities. Project management is no exception; it must actively engage in this global shift by not only applying sustainable practices to projects but by fundamentally becoming a sustainable practice […]

Sustainability in Project Management: PM² vs PRISM

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Promoting sustainability considerations in Project Management The PM² Alliance supports research and publications in the PM² and in the broader area of project management. In this context, PM² Alliance supported the research and is promoting the results of this MSc Thesis done by Patricia Marques, Master in Engineering Management, University of Minho, Portugal. The study […]