The PM² Governance

Project Organisation and Roles

The following diagram gives an overview of the main roles in the project organisation, from a Project Management point of view. Each of these roles is briefly explained below.

Note that there is only one project team, composed of the people assuming the roles defined in the Performing, Managing and Directing Layers. These people need to work together as a team for the project to succeed.


Business Governing Layer

The Business Governing Layer determines the vision and strategy for the entire organisation. It consists of one or more management committees operating at director level. It is here that priorities are defined, investment decisions are made, and resources are allocated.


Steering Layer

The Steering Layer provides general project direction and guidance, keeping the project focused towards its objectives. It reports to the Appropriate Governance Body (AGB). The Steering Layer is composed of the roles defined in the Directing and Management Layers, and other optional roles.


Directing Layer

The Directing Layer champions the project and owns its Business Case. It mobilises the necessary resources and monitors the project’s performance in order to realise the project’s objectives. The Directing Layer comprises the roles of Project Owner (PO) and Solution Provider (SP).


Managing Layer

The Managing Layer focuses on day-to-day project operations by organizing, monitoring, and controlling work to produce the intended deliverables and implement them in the business organisation. Members of the Managing Layer report to the Directing Layer. The Managing Layer comprises the roles of Business Manager (BM) and Project Manager (PM). It is of utmost importance for the success of the project that there is a close collaboration and communication between the Business Manager (BM) and the Project Manager (PM).

Performing Layer

The Performing Layer carries out the project work, producing the deliverables and implementing them in the business organisation. Members of the Performing Layer report to the Managing Layer. The Performing Layer comprises the roles of the Business Implementation Group (BIG) and the Project Core Team (PCT).

Appropriate Governance Body (AGB)

Role: Appropriate Governance Body (AGB)
Requestor or Provider: Both
Group or Individual Role: Group
Role Type: Key Decision Body