As a member-driven association, the PM² Alliance is being governed and administrated by two groups that work in unison.

The Executive Board and the Decentralised Council form the global leadership team of the PM² Alliance.

Decentralised Council

The Decentralised Council is the voice of the PM²  Alliance. Acting as spokespersons and ambassadors of the association, are the professionals from across Europe who work together to fulfil the aims and materialise the vision of the association. The Council is the voice of the PM²  Alliance is responsible to:

  • Establish policies and goals in relation to the mission and purpose of the association
  • Ensure that the provision of information is correct, relevant, reliable and transparent
  • Monitor the strategic planning process
  • Monitor the programmes and services of the PM² Alliance
  • Enhance the association's public standing

Executive Board

The Executive Board is responsible for the administration of the PM² Alliance’s affairs and the interests of all the shareholders. The duties of the Board include establishing operational goals and strategies; appointing the CEO; ensuring that systems for monitoring and control of operations are effective; ensuring that there is satisfactory control of compliance with applicable laws and regulations; and ensuring that ethical rules have been established. According to the Articles of Association, the PM² Alliance’s Executive Committee shall consist of between five and ten members. The present Executive Committee consists of 9 members and currently, Nicos Kourounakis stands as the CEO PM² Alliance.

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Diversity & Inclusion

We are all equal

The PM² Alliance is committed to enabling and promoting all members’ full participation in the activities based on their interests and wishes and without any distinction and/or discrimination on the basis of individual or group differences. All PM² Alliance members will have their voices heard and valued and have fair and equal opportunities to influence the Alliance’s policies and decisionmaking.

We are diverse

Diversity  is the quality of being different or unique, in individual or group level characteristics, including age, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, language, nationality, emotional, physical, mental and developmental abilities, race, religion, sexual orientation, skin colour, socioeconomic status, and more. 

We are all included

Inclusion is the act of recognising, incorporating, and valuing the diverse. Inclusion requires an environment that acknowledges the inherent worth of every person and a group that fosters dignity, understanding, mutual respect, and that embraces diversity.

"PM² Alliance provides us with a key means of engaging with policy makers at EU level. It is an invaluable forum through which we can share and discuss governance best practices and learning experiences."

Carmella Taffaro, Council Coordinator

The PM² Alliance’s Secretariat is responsible for the administration of the association, including the organisation of the Board meetings; processing of membership applications; the association’s newsletter, and the design and administration of the PM² Alliance’s website.

The Secretariat of the PM² Alliance is currently managed by “ScEv | Scientific Events”