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Dr. Ashraf Hamdan
Regional Coordinator

PM² Representative of PM² Center & Regional Coordinator of PM² Alliance in the MENA Region
PM² Representative of PM² Center & Regional Coordinator of PM² Alliance in the MENA Region
Projects Management Office PMO Advisor, Services Provider.
32 years of experience in Management as a Consultant, Practitioner,Trainer, Mentor and Coach.
Speaker at international conferences 2015, 2019 and 2020.
DOCTORATE of Project Management “The Value of Lean-Agile ProjectManagement Office (PMO) in Digital Transformation Projects” Grade Excellent with Honor from Atlanta University.
PMO-CP®, PM² Agile, PM² Essentials, PM² Basic Certification, PMP®, SPOC®, SMC®, SDC®, KPI -A®
Project Management Office PMO, Strategic Management, PortfolioManagement, Program Management, Project Management, ContractManagement, Risk Management, Human Resource Management,Performance Management and Business Management.
PMO Global Awards, Judging Committee Member 2022, 2021, 2020,2019 and 2018
Previous Organizations: MOH KSA, Aramco, Coca Cola and NGC

Sara Salem
Regional Coordinator

Representative of PM² Center & RegionalCoordinator of PM² Alliance in the MENA Region
Has 14+ years of experience in Business, HRM, PMand consultations 7 years of experience inManagement as a Consultant, Practitioner, Trainer,Mentor and Coaching
I worked as General Manager, Evolve Masters Group,Egypt, Tunisia, and Morocco
I worked as Business Development Manager,Elharefa
In addition worked as Branch Manager, Mikada.
worked as HR manger at Royal tents
In addition to obtain a B.ART degree in Historydepartment, faculty of Education, Alexandriauniversity.
Certified PM² Methodology
Certified BMC
In addition certificate of completion of One millionArab of entrepreneurs, Hamdan Bin Ali university.
PM² Methodology & BMC Instructor , Events Publicspeaker
PM² Alliance member

PM² in Egypt

Welcome to the world of PM² in Egypt! PM² (Project Management Methodology) is a widely recognized project management methodologydeveloped by the European Commission.

Here in Egypt, we are dedicated to promoting and implementing PM² practices to enhance project success rates ,we are proud to offer a widerange of benefits and opportunities to our members. By joining our community, you will gain access to:

We’re here to support you every step of the way.

Let’s collaborate and make a positive impact in the field of project management in Egypt!

Join our PM² methodology community and take advantage of these offerings to elevate your project management skills, expand yourprofessional network, and excel in your career. Together, we can drive excellence in project management through the power of PM²!

  1. Training Programs: Enhance your project management knowledge and skills through our comprehensive training programs. Learn theprinciples, processes, and best practices of PM² methodology from experienced professionals.
  2. Workshops and Events: Participate in interactive workshops and engaging events designed to deepen your understanding of PM². Exchangeideas, share experiences, and collaborate with fellow project management enthusiasts.
  3. Networking Opportunities: Connect with a diverse network of professionals in the field of project management. Expand your professionalcontacts, exchange knowledge, and build lasting relationships that can benefit your career.
  4. Resources and Materials: Access a wealth of resources, including templates, guidelines, and case studies, to support your project managementendeavors. Stay up to date with the latest industry trends and best practices.
  5. Mentoring and Support: Receive guidance and support from experienced project management practitioners. Benefit from their expertise,insights, and advice to enhance your project management performance.

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