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Stephane Gagnon,
Regional Coordinator

Stéphane Gagnon is an Associate Professor in Business Technology Management (BTM) at the University of Quebec in Canada. He teaches and supervises theses mostly in the Doctorate in PM. Since obtaining his PhD in business administration in 2001, he has published research on PM and IT applications in several sectors, including finance, healthcare, and public administration. In partnership with the TechNation / IT Association of Canada, he leads a team developing the first BTM Body of Knowledge. PM² will become the core PM reference for BTM. He is also surveying the PM² community and writing articles about PM capability development at all levels of organizations, especially comparing sectors as per their complexity.

PM² in Canada-Ontario

Welcome to the PM² Alliance group for Ontario, Canada members.

Project Leaders worldwide need Free & Open Competency Guidance.

North American PM professionals are joining their colleagues from Europe and elsewhere, and learn from the valuable PM² assets and community offered by the Alliance.

Free & Open is not a trivial issue, as PM practitioners must often work across several organizations at the same time, so making PM knowledge references adaptable and easy to share is a priority.

Customized guidance is most valuable for defining and evaluating PM roles, ensuring a Project Management Office (PMO) has reliable methods in place, and giving to all project value chain partners the necessary guidance to improve their methods too.

Within that context, our regional group for Ontario will soon organize webinars to help get acquainted with PM² but also steer discussion on the future of PM.

Please do not hesitate to email us to get started with PM² and help grow the Alliance global community!

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