Game Changer


16 December, 2020

Game Changer:
The Indispensable Project Manager's People Skills for Great Results

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People are a true asset in every project; thus, great people management skills can be a real game changer. Inspiring, leading and coaching people through change are the indispensable soft skills for every project manager in today’s challenging environment of a VUCA world, that is Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous.

In this one-day highly interactive and Neuroscience-based workshop project managers and team leaders will learn how to create a Growth Mindset Culture, where every team member is motivated to learn and grow. Also, they will learn how to communicate effectively, to offer constructive feedback and recognition and develop actively their people with meaningful Coaching Conversations.


By the end of the workshop, the participants will be able to:

· Embrace the role and responsibilities of the ‘People’ Leader

· Apply a more personalized approach to Motivate, Empower and Inspire each one of their team members

· Apply Effective Communication skills and Emotional Intelligence

· Offer Positive and Constructive Feedback and Recognition

· Facilitate the change process and minimize workplace stress

· Engage people in Coaching Conversations and guide them through change

Target Audience

This training is for you:

The course is tailored designed for Project Management professionals who are interested in improving their People Management Soft Skills


The training method is a hands-on interactive workshop. The philosophy is to ‘Learn by doing’, using Experiential and Active Learning Techniques. Participants will develop their own competencies, using multiple self-assessment tools to identify their strong points and weaknesses. Finally, they will apply the new knowledge and skills in practice with many practical examples, case studies and role plays.


The PM² Basic Certification is a Level-1 certification and an obvious choice for anyone who wishes to start their journey in project management with a basic project management certification. It is designed to confirm candidates’ basic understanding of general concepts of the PM² Methodology. The certification exam tests the level of the candidates’ understanding mainly on the what and when of the PM² Methodology, and secondarily on the who and how. The exam questions are based on the four pillars of PM² and the PM² Mindsets, focusing more on Lifecycle and Artefacts and less on Processes, Governance and Mindsets. 

For candidates to achieve the certification they must be familiar with theses PM² concepts at an adequate level so that they will be able to follow the motions of a PM² project and communicate effectively with PM² team members and Project Managers.


PM² is the standard Project Management Methodology of the European Commission custom developed to fit the specific needs, culture and constraints of EU Institutions. It aims to facilitate the effective management of a project’s complete lifecycle, and increase the quality of the project management process and project results. It incorporates elements from a wide range of globally accepted project management best practices as well as European Commission’s operational experience from many projects. PM² is a light and easy to implement methodology suitable for any type of project.

​The European Commission has published PM² with an open and free license for anyone to use for the management of their projects, with a focus on projects run within the EU Institutions or funded by EU programmes. As such, working knowledge of the PM² Methodology becomes essential for anyone participating in such projects.


Introduction to Brain-Based People Management
  • Neuroscience and Brain-Based People Skills
  • Building a Growth Mindset Culture
    • What is Growth and Fixed Mindset in Organizations (Carol Dweck, Stanford University)?
    • How can we create a more positive mindset to ourselves and our teams?
Effective Communication and Emotional Intelligence for “People Managers”
  • Understanding two-way communication dynamics
  • Active Vs Diagnostic Listening
  • Asking the Right Questions
  • Emotional Intelligence for project managers
The Art and Science of Asking, Accepting and Offering Positive & Constructive Feedback
  • Self-Awareness Through Johari Window

  • Offering Recognition and Motivating Others

  • Making the Difficult Discussions: How to offer Constructive Feedback in failures or challenges

Dealing with change & Stress
  • The Nature & Impact of Change

  • Facilitating Change – Expectations and Practical Actions

  • The ‘Flow’ theory to manage anxiety

The Power of one-on-one Coaching Conversations
  • The role and skills of a Project Manager as a Coach
  • Egan’s 3 stage Skilled Helper Coaching Model in practice
  • Building Trust and Setting Boundaries
  • Tools and Techniques

Speaker: Dimitris Tolis
CEO, Advisor and Senior Trainer, Human Asset

Mr Dimitris Tolis is an MSc and MBA holder from the University of Sheffield UK and certified Project Manager, who works as an experienced Advisor and Senior Workshops Trainer for more than 20 years in many private and public organizations in Greece, Cyprus, other European Countries and the Middle East. He is also a Senior Trainer of Trainers (Face to Face, e-Learning and Blended Learning) and Executive Leadership Coach (EMCC Accredited Senior Practitioner).


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