Balancing the Ps of Project Management


4 December, 2020

Uncovering the Critical Success Factors of Project Management

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  • Online Training (8hrs)
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  • PM² Basic Certification Exam complimentary voucher


Good Project Managers go beyond the standard motions of project management by applying techniques and developing the mindsets which will allow them to allocate wisely their focus and efforts between the many management activities competing for their attention.

Good project management is manifested through both the process followed and the results achieved. It is the outcome of balancing effectively the management of short-term and longer-term activities and goals in a way which enhances performance and enables productive behaviours.

This contributes to the unleashing of creativity, the forging of positive alliances, and the achievement of a productive harmony within the project.

Course Description

This seminar lays down the theoretical foundation which will help you put to use several management concepts and techniques necessary for you to understand your project’s Critical Success Factors (CSFs), which becomes an important precondition for you to be able to prioritise your management efforts.

The Ps of Project Management provide a common set of Critical Success Factors (CSFs) for all projects. 

Being aware of and consciously managing the Ps of project management helps you to strategically prioritize your actions, ensure that they are tactically pertinent and aligned with both lower- and higher-order goals. If as a project manager you can bring these goals together in synchronicity, your projects will be well on the way to success.

Target Audience

This training is for you:

The seminar is open to all those working in Project. Prior experience in project management or working in projects is useful but not required.

Training Outcomes

As a participant you will:

  • identify under-managed dimensions of project management.
  • develop a new perspective from which to view your project management priorities.
  • be able to do the right things at the right time (and for the right reasons).
  • appreciate the importance of developing the appropriate mindsets, and of prioritising your management activities to lead your projects successfully. 
  • help you combine your technical, people, perspective skills and take your project management to a higher level of effectiveness.
A Sneak Preview

The Program's agenda

  • The Essentials
    • Leadership vs Management
    • Effectiveness vs Efficiency
    • Problem vs solution 
    • The Ws of projects and project management
  • Critical Factors for Success
    • Critical Success Factors (CSF) vs Critical Success Criteria (CSC)
    • Demonstrating Effective Intelligence (FI) in Project Management
  • The Ps of Project Management
    • The 15 Ps of Project Management
    • Excesses and deficiencies
    • Symptoms (of excess or deficiency)
    • Balancing the Ps
  • Workshop
    • Assessment: The Ps profile of your project
    • Avoiding distortions and resistances by developing your personal and professional virtues



- Welcome & Introductions

- Program Positioning

- Program Goals

Section 1.
Section 2.
Section 3.
Section 4.
Section 5.
Closing of the Program
Nicos Kourounakis

Speaker: Nicos Kourounakis

Nicos is a Management Consultant specializing in Project Management Methodologies and Organizational Project Management Maturity. 

He is also the the Co-Author of the PM² Methodology, Agile PM² and PfM².

Nicos has also been involved in many international projects in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Luxembourg and Greece, working both with large organizations and with smaller ventures and start-ups.

Mr. Kourounakis holds an MBA from McGill University, Montreal, Canada, a MASc in Electrical Engineering from the University of Victoria, Canada, and a BSc in Physics from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.


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