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Dear PM² Alliance member,

We come to you with our Autumn Newsletter to share with you our association's latest news, initiatives and achievements!

And although we have been all affected by the pandemic, our PM² Alliance teams have also been working nonstop to adapt our operations, services and activities to the new situation and without compromising our effectiveness in fulfilling our association's mission and commitment to our members.

Reinforcing this commitment to you and to all of our external stakeholders, we would like us to come together again this year to exchange ideas, to learn from each other and develop further our PM² Alliance community.

We would like to invite you all to this year's PM² Alliance Conference which will be online, open, and free to all you!

The Conference will be held between November 30th and December 2nd 2020, bringing together representatives from Institutions, Member States' public administration, PM² Practitioners, Trainers, and PM² Methodology Experts, to share their own experiences and plans in Moving Forward with the PM² Advantage. We hope to see you all there!

Stay safe & see you soon!
The PM² Alliance Newsletter Team

The 2020 PM² Alliance Conference

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Recent PM² Alliance's News


Collaboration between the PM² Alliance and tsm - Trentino School of Management

The PM² Alliance and Trentino School of Management organized the first pilot training course in Italian for Public Administration officials based on the PM² Methodology. With this initiative, the tsm and the Autonomous Province of Trento along with the Alliance renewed their commitment for better project management in the European and Italian public sector.



Collaboration between IPMA Serbia and the PM² Alliance

The PM² Alliance and IPMA Serbia have agreed to engage in professional cooperation on matters of mutual interest and concern, specifically focusing on Project Management and therefore spreading the benefits of the PM² Methodology across Serbia.



Extension of the PM² Alliance Network

We are glad to announce that our network is constantly expanding, with members from 50 countries and the establishment of Regional Coordination Programmes in 14 countries. With the valuable contribution of our community, we work systematically to achieve our ultimate goal of enabling better project management for the public benefit.



The PM² Alliance Certification programme

The PM² Alliance Certification programme is available to all and has been designed to certify knowledge of the PM² methodology at various levels. Our most recent addition was the PM² Expert Certification, a level-3 certification designed to confirm a candidate's ability to apply the PM² Methodology in practice. Given the growing popularity and acceptability of the PM² Methodology, there is great demand for certified professionals. Seize the opportunity and join this growing community now!



Career guidance meeting with the students of the Belarusian State University

Our PM² Regional Support Manager for Belarus, Krystsina Mazhei, held a career guidance meeting with the students of the Belarusian State University, the future young project managers. This meeting showed that there is great interest in studying new approaches to project management and willingness to participate in further activities of the regional PM² Alliance group in Belarus.



PM² Alliance Networking Event - Brussels, Feb 15th 2020

The PM² Alliance organized its' first social and networking event for 2020 in the heart of Brussels, giving the opportunity to all of our members, volunteers, sponsors, supporters and friends to come together and get to know each other better. What a unique experience!



Collaboration between the PM² Alliance and APGP

The PM² Alliance and the Association of Project Management Professionals (APGP) team up to promote higher standards of project management in Europe. The two associations have signed a MoU with the aim of sharing expertise and fostering closer relations among their members and stakeholders, both in Spain and in Europe.



YPTO becomes PM² aligned

The visionary leadership of YPTO has embarked in an organisation wide roll-out of the PM² Methodology. YPTO's project staff and contractors attended a series of 2 day PM² Trainings at three levels (PM² Essentials, PM² Advanced and Agile PM²), while more than 100 trained staff has already achieved one (or more) of the PM² Alliance Certifications.



Collaboration between the PM² Alliance and European Academy

The PM² Alliance and European Academy have joined forces in order to make PM² accessible to EU funded projects. With this coopertion, we have taken a few more steps towards achieving our goal of taking the PM² "where no PM² has gone before". We help Europe succeed one project at a time.



Member-driven and volunteer-led, the PM² Alliance is an international, not-for-profit organisation.

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